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When my divorce was final several hundred years ago, I promised myself as a bit of divorce therapy that I would do something once a week that I’d never done before. The list of such items was staggering, so I knew I’d never run out of material. I started simply; I learned how to back into the garage with courage. Forever, I’d longed to position the car so I could pull straight out into the new day, but my husband couldn’t see it. Well, he wasn’t there anymore, was he? And I flew a plane, rode an elephant, joined a motorcycle club. Eventually wrote a book.

And now I’ve started a website. I have no idea how it will develop—but that’s the theme, isn’t it? To try something new. To change your life. To dare!

My Big Dare was to marry a wonderful man I met on the internet and move to a new state. Best thing I ever did. But it took leaping out into space, hoping for wings.

I hope you’ll take a chance on me and sign up for news of future books and possible newsletters.  HINT: Watch for a late fall release of two short stories in the Wild Rose Press Christmas Cookie series: “Fortune Cookie Christmas” and my first mystery, “Nutcracker Nibbles Case.”

And watch for more This ‘n That from me here. I’ll be watching for you.

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  1. I’m excited to join in with your many fans to learn what you did and are planning to do. I always like to see your wonderful photos from your adventures.
    Carry on…

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