picture shows cover of book Love Is a Filing Cabinet

Love Is a Filing Cabinet

Ambitious organizer Minn Evans resents being the only sane and stable person in her family. She wants a normal life with schedules and balanced meals and maybe a man who won’t fall for her sister.

Ford Hayes, a whiz at creativity and a dud at organization, becomes Art Director for a privately-owned TV station. But his office is a mess, his planning skills are a train wreck, and he can’t find his socks.

Minn needs a job; Ford needs an organizer. But Minn’s vagabond parents and man-stupifying sister aren’t the only roadblocks on their journey to love.

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  1. This is a terrific read and full of surprises, from the elephant to the steal-the-scenes basset to the baby whales in the Baja. And the love story, of course, is great fun.

  2. LOVE IS A FILE CABINET has the Sister Thing down cold, never mind the romances that come and go throughout the book. And their hippy parents are a real treat, harking back a generation, but in an upbeat wonderful way.

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